One of the most common reasons for project costs overruns we repeatedly encounter on projects during the design phases, are due to REWORK.
Rework may happen inevitably on small portions, however, we believe that major redesign can be avoided by having a good planning, in order to mitigate most of the following reasons:

  • Late changes to scope from the client, when input and requirements are not clearly defined during the early stages of the project.
  • Design inconsistencies, when disciplines (or members of the very same discipline) work individually on their design part, without performing consistent clash detection or a periodic interdisciplinary quality assurance review.
  • Design errors not detected till late stages of the project, due to lack of investigation on elements crucial for the design critical path (focus on what will affect other disciplines design, and ensure those parts won’t require changes after they are complete).
  • Project costs over budget, due to light, poor or nonexistent periodic control of the project cost estimates as the design develops.
  • Output produced without taking into account the receiver´s needs, including over design project parts unnecessarily for the project outcome.

They all not only affect the project time schedule by causing delays, but they also have an impact on the overall project economy and the quality output.