How we collaborate in the Danish Construction Industry

We’re not there to replace you, we’re there to support you.

One of the things I’d like to talk about is collaboration
and collaboration as I mentioned earlier is a very important part of
how we deliver projects.

But it’s not just about the projects – it’s collaboration with
other specialist companies.

For example architects and engineers who deliver very specialized architectural and engineering services.
They might not have the in-house capability and that’s where we come in to collaborate with these type of companies.

So the way we see the Industry going actually is very small specialized groups like KOSMOS and like many other companies, and those groups coming together in partnerships to deliver projects
And maybe repeating again on the next project or maybe disbanding and coming back in the future again.
That’s how we see the Industry, at least for the small to medium sized business.

And I think that’s an important aspect of what we are as KOSMOS, we’re not there to replace you.