How the perception of Quantity Surveyors in Danish construction has changed in the last years?

As Quantity Surveyors, we have experienced a change in the perception of our profession in the Danish construction industry. But… how will this continue changing in the coming years?

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In the video below, Ross Griffin, from KOSMOS ( talks in this video about how the perception of Quantity Surveying in Danish Construction has changed in the last years.

Commercial management in Denmark and the need of an specific local education

Last week, the founder of KOSMOS, Ross Griffin, was interviewed by Berlingske for their Ejendomme section, to talk about commercial management in Denmark and the need of an specific local education to bring more Danish professionals to the industry. Access to the full interview:

BIM maturity: 5D Cost

BIM in relation the 3D aspect seems to be well established and strong processes are implemented in almost every single construction firm in the country. Now, we need to begin thinking on what is next, and in the case of BIM, the development will need to focus on 4D (time) and 5D (cost), but not just in the execution phase.

In order to build good standards and grow maturity around these areas, it is necessary to involve the planners and commercial specialists in the BIM strategy development process. Only in this way will the process take into account the output required by these 2 disciplines. This is necessary in order to take full advantage of the information produced and incorporate it in the project design.

IKT agreements must include minimum requirements and conditions on how to produce the project material, not only for the final delivery, but also along the design process to facilitate the control around these 2 specialist discipline deliveries.