#2 Understanding the tools for Cost management/control

Pre-tender estimates / Skøn før udbuddet

Pre-tender estimates are prepared immediately before calling the first tenders for construction. This is the final cost-check undertaken by the cost manager before tender bids for the building project, or any part of the building project, are obtained.

Therefore, it is essential that the design has finalized, the project has been quality checked, and no more changes to the project material are done after the Quantity Surveyor begins the Tender estimate.

This way, the estimate is based on the very same conditions that the different contractors will base their own offers in the tender. This allows as well to prepare the basis for the tender analysis later on, and allows to compare side by side all offers received against the pre-estimate expected.

When a bill of quantities (BQ) is the basis of obtaining a tender price, the pre-tender estimates will be based on the BQ.